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“This book does a fantastic job of giving you the strategies to help you achieve extraordinary results in your life.  It reminds us all of the importance of living with passion and purpose, and shows us how to do it!” 

-Keith Cox

Sr. VP of Global Sales


"Going PRIMAL, A Layered Approach to Creating the Life you Desire will help you jump start your results in all facets of life. We all have adversity.  We all have challenges.  This book helps you embrace that adversity and helps you overcome all of it to truly achieve the success you deserve!"

-Thomas Carrigan

Founder of Thomaspoluzza- and probably 

the best bartender in all of the America’s!

“Empowering, informative, thought-provoking, and inspiring!  As a Psychotherapist, I have too frequently witnessed the shattering of lives at the hands of fate.  Going PRIMAL: A Layered Approach to Creating the Life You Desire incorporates and illustrates the resilience of the human spirit and its potential movement from darkness into light, even when hope is gone.  This book provides a practical and doable way to survive the deepest of tragedies, and to create a way to thrive towards self-actualization.”

-Dr. Rosaria C. Upchurch 


“Going Primal will help you live your life with passion, purpose and meaning. Engaging and packed full of real world take-aways, it’s a detailed flight plan that will help accelerate your performance and achieve the success you deserve."  

-Lt Col Rob “Waldo” Waldman

Author of the New York Times and Wall

Street Journal bestseller Never Fly Solo.


“Attitude is everything, believing you can is well over half the battle.  This book helps you pull together all your dreams and ambitions, and turns it into actionable strategy!” 

-Derek Harshman

Owner- Heathy Evolutions Gyms

“I am not a sheep and never have been. Even when others thought I was crazy, I often took the road less traveled. It is easy to walk through life feeling comfortable, doing what we think we are supposed to do, even though deep down we know something is missing. I’ve been there. Authors Curt Redden and Courtney Walsh remind us all that when we zero in on our purpose – our why – and align our purpose with our values, we are in the position of being able to leverage our natural talents to live an extraordinary life. If you have ever wondered how you can shift your life from okay to awesome, this book is for you!”

– Barbara Giamanco

Co-Author of The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media

“Going PRIMAL provides a clear path to personal growth through the six foundations outlined in the book. Redden and Walsh do a fantastic job providing an actionable framework to realign your life with your true values and take massive action toward success! The book provides easy-to-digest techniques coupled with personal anecdotes bringing a refreshing approach to self-help.”

-Chase DuBois 

Finance Professional, CPA & Millennial in Pursuit of Passion

This book helps you refine what will make you most happy and fulfilled.  We all need to stay positive and focused on the things that will matter most.  This book helps you take your passion and purpose to the next level!”

-Nickolai Voigts 

USPA National Powerlifting Record Holder

Going PRIMAL allows you to strip down and strip away the doubts, the fears, and the negative talk you've been feeding yourself and instead feeds your desire to live purposefully.

The program is peppered with tips and tools to help you reveal just what a purposeful life looks like to you. The pages abound with colorful life lessons that spark the realization that you have a duty--to yourself and to something bigger than yourself--to harness your passions, hone your talents, and leave your unique imprint on the world.

The PRIMAL program is layered with all (and only) the things that truly matter. Designed to help you live your life's purpose, it will remind you of who you are at your core and motivate you to keep sight of that in every decision you make.

As a high school English and Leadership teacher, I walked away from this book with a renewed sense of energy and a plan to make the upcoming school year my best one yet. It reaffirmed the career choices I made but gave new life to the reasons I made them. I highly recommend for anyone who is searching for their purpose --and for all of us who need the occasional reminder that fulfillment comes from within.

-Carly Leonard 

IB English Teacher and High School Leadership Coach

The PRIMAL process will help you map out where you want to go in life, and then keep you energized and on track to get there.”

-Jim Davidson

Co-author of the New York Times bestseller, The Ledge

“I’ve gone through a lot of adversity and would like to say it gets easier every time, but unfortunately it doesn’t.  Whether is it was a viral video distributed on the internet or a very public company layoff, I’ve experienced some difficult lows. Deep down, I hold onto the firm belief that there is a greater purpose, a method to the madness that will steer things onto a better course.  It’s that faith that keeps me going. 


It’s a bit cliché, but my father always told me when you’re driving through a bad storm (which happens frequently in Florida where I grew up) to keep driving through it. Never stop.  If you do, you’ll potentially risk more danger to yourself.  That’s how I think life is. 


Looking back at my biggest mistakes, I realize that as bad as they were, they helped redirect me on a different path.  Sometimes that’s scary.  But change is inevitable, by surviving through it we can thrive after it.  This book helps you overcome adversity, and truly go after your life’s passion and purpose and helps you keep driving through the rain.  We all have adversity, it how you handle it that matters!”

-Britt McHenry  

Former ESPN reporter

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