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Unleash your PRIMAL passion and purpose with this new self-help guide to making the most out of your life and achieving success you desire. By following the six foundations for a fulfilling life, you can find your true purpose, values, and goals. Once you understand the process, you can immediately apply to build a better life!

PRIMAL was conceived by talent-development experts Curt Redden and Courtney Walsh. They have spent their careers finding and nurturing the potential of thousands of employees. Now, they narrow the focus down to you! Their tips and techniques help you engage fully and encourage you to begin changing your life today!

With PRIMAL, you will learn how to

  • discover your passion and purpose,

  • understand the role you play in all the relationships in your life,

  • live with intent,

  • set effective and measurable goals,

  • cultivate a positive attitude,

  • begin thinking about your life’s legacy, and

  • start taking immediate action!

PRIMAL is designed to help you make small decisions that will have huge ramifications. The action steps and other insights that Redden and Walsh include will show you that success, no matter what that might mean to you, is well within your reach.

What's Your Dream?

How to make it a reality

Order 200+ books before December 31st and get a free key note!

Choose from two of our most popular topics; connecting the PRIMAL model to the work place to to help employees engage and thrive, and leveraging the PRIMAL model to turn challenges and adversity into fuel for success.  Email us for more information

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